‘Now We’re Reminiscing How We Used to Flex in Texas’

I went to Houston, Texas for a few days to visit family. I was surprised to learn that Houston is the fourth biggest city in the US. Houston is an up and coming city with more and more to do.

I stayed at the Four Seasons hotel located in Downtown Houston. It is beautiful and clean. They have a great gym (not that I used it once while I was there I literally ate the whole time) and a really pretty resort-like pool.

The restaurant in the hotel, Quattro, is good and since we were there with family it was most convenient to have our meals there. My aunt gives their Italian food a B+, a high score coming from a woman who only give A’s to food in Italy.

I thought their breakfast was great and on Sundays they have an enormous buffet. You can have anything from prosciutto, to crab legs, to omelettes, it was impressive.

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I also spent some time shopping while I was there. About twenty minutes away from the Four Seasons is the Galleria Mall. It’s a beautiful high end mall. They also have a huge ice skating rink on the first floor which I have never seen before. I guess everything really is bigger in Texas.

I grabbed drinks downtown with a life-long family friend who just moved to Houston. He showed me a couple of cool bars downtown. My favorite was Moonshiners. You can sit outside and have a drink and all of the cocktails are made with moonshine. There were people on those bars on wheels, the ones where they play music an you pedal around the city, so if you are going with a group that seemed like a fun thing to do.

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My friend grew up right outside of Chicago and I grew up right outside of NYC so we are both used to a more hectic city. He said that Houston has changed a lot in the past year he has been there.  New bars, stores and restaurants have opened and there seems to be more people around, but he is used to a city where there are a million things to do at all times and I am too.

However, I enjoyed downtown and the slower pace. I also thought it was refreshing that the prices were reasonable, unlike New York where you might find yourself spending eighteen dollars on a beer.

On my last day there I spent a couple of hours walking around downtown Houston. There were a lot of cute spots close by like the House of Blues. There are shows there often and while I didn’t recognize the names of the people playing it seemed like a cool spot.

Don’t let my jacket fool you. It is really hot and very humid in Houston. I was expecting a dry heat in Texas but Houston is right by the gulf and the weather is very similar to Florida. I lasted about three minutes in that jacket. I noticed most of the women and girls were wearing skirts and dresses.

Discovery Green is a great park in downtown Houston. There is large structural art around the park and a lot of things for both adults and children to do.

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There are play grounds for kids and there are different kinds of fountains they can run around in to cool off. There is a also rink for people to go roller blading.

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I was most impressed by the small lake they had with Kayaks for rent. This park seems like a great way to spend a Sunday in Houston. It was so cute, Leslie Knope must have had something to do with it.

I enjoyed my time in Houston and would definitely want to come back and explore more of Texas. I still have to try some authentic barbecue but I am not sure if I am ready for a pair of cowboy boots.

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